While we don’t consider runway a race, we do seek to super-serve our community. So delighted to share with you that this season we are launching two new initiatives to enhance our comprehensive fashion show reportage; real-time runway show coverage and reviews.

In the age of immediacy, we will be sharing show images from the moment the first stride hits the runway with looks posted before designers take their final bow. The mash-up of ingenuity, operations, and technology is exciting to be a part of and my thanks to our talented technological team and our photo partners, IMAXtree, for their efforts, sleepless nights, good humor and magic.

With the volume of information being thrown at us, we thought it wise to provide context via critical thinking beyond The Impression Review Scores, and are delighted to announce that esteemed runway reviewers Constance White and Roxanne Robinson are joining us as Fashion Editors-at-Large to cover key shows in New York and Paris. Both understand how shows fit into the larger social equation as well as business and arts. We look forward to reading their take on the industry today.

To better help the design community, runway reviews will be in front of the paywall.

Our sincere thanks to all of our paid members. We don’t take any of you for granted and are grateful for your generous feedback. We genuinely consider you our family and strive to keep you inspired and informed to help reach personal and professional goals. Our job is simply to help and you make it very worthwhile.

We invite you to enjoy this Spring 2020 show season, catch-up with it live with critical thinking, and embrace how fortunate all of us are to be in this industry.


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