Denim can never be too stylish or too comfy. And I can’t argue with the idea behind Target’s new collection online and in stores called Universal Threads, comfy, casual clothes for everyone.

UT was born from chatting with thousands of women – every age range, body type and ethnicity – and figuring out what they want in their wardrobes.
Great start! They went deeper; with clothes that people with disabilities can manage and wear. This is an area that’s been growing. I went to a presentation by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) in New York about a year ago where the organization showcased and supported graduates from our top fashion schools and departments from around the country.

Plenty of talent as well as the odd and over-the-top. I think there was a guy who made a jacket from grass – while it was growing. (call Jeff Bezos! He’s into what’s next). What caught my eye – in addition to the lawn-as-a-suit idea – was a young woman who had made a whole collection for the disabled.
It was beautifully done, well thought-out and executed. Now that Target is bringing it mainstream, it will encourage designers like this young woman and others to serve this market.

So what to look out for whether you are in a wheelchair for instance, or able to stand?: Denim jeans in appealing shades of blue. The waist-cinching, tie-waist jean. The pale satchel bag with a long, skinny shoulder strap. All at Targety prices of $5 to under $40.

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